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Co-signer/Indemnitor Duties and Responsibilities

The co-signer/indemnitor is a person who is willing to sign saying they will make sure defendant attends court at all times, makes payments on time and checks in weekly for any updates on case, living situation and contact information.

Client/Defendant duties and responsibilities

Once the defendant is released they understand that they have responsibilities to maintain throughout the course of the case. They are to make sure they attend each court date, whether an attorney says to appear in court or not. They are to also make sure the fee is paid for the service provided. Once released, the defendant will make sure they contact the office once a week for weekly checkups and updates on their case.

Please take note that a service is being done and money paid is not returned. We typically charge 10% of the bond amount to provide the service of posting and staying on bond.

Make Payments

On the down payment cash or a money order is accepted.
Please make payments by money order and mail payment to:

Mr. Harris Bail Bonds
1049 Washington Avenue
Suite 310
ST. LOUIS, MO 63103

If you are trying to make a payment with cash, please obtain a money order and send through the mail to the PO BOX above.
If paying by debit/credit, please call 314.722.JAIL