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How Bail Bonding Works

When a person is suspected of a crime and the prosecutor decides that the court has sufficient information to press charges, a bond is set and a warrant is issued.

A bond acts as security, assurance of making sure said defendant appears in court throughout the remainder of the case.

A case typically takes anywhere from weeks to years to resolve. By law, defendant has the right to a bail as long as the offense was not a capital crime.

The defendant also has the right for the bail not to be excessive. The amount of the bail is dependent on the offense. Criminal offense are based of class, with class E being the lighter sentence and class A being the heavier sentence.

When a person does not have sufficient funds to post bail, the courts will allow a bondsman to post bail with them to secure the person’s appearance.

To provide this service, a 10% fee is charged, this fee is non-refundable and once payments are set and the down payment is made the bond can successfully be posted and the accused are free to leave.

For the remainder of the case, the bondsman and indemnitor act as sureties to make sure the defendant appears in court.

Process of Making Bail

After locating the individual incarcerated and receiving information about the person’s bail and charges, we then contact the family for a free quote and/or attorney referrals.

The family will then need a co-signer that will willingly sign to make sure fees are paid and to remind and make sure the defendant appears in court.

Once the down payment is received and payment plans are set, we will post bail for the defendant. After being processed the defendant is free to go.

Make Payments

For the down payment cash, cashiers check or a money order is accepted.

Please make payments by cashiers check or money order and mail payment to:

Mr. Harris Bail Bonds
1049 Washington Avenue
Suite 310
ST. LOUIS, MO 63103

If you are trying to make a payment with cash, please obtain a money order and send through the mail to the office address above.
If paying by debit/credit, please call 314.722.JAIL